About Formosa Web

The developers on the other side

What Makes Formosa Web Different

Formosa Web was founded in order to provide web services with developers who were easy to work and communicate with. 

Time and again we talked to clients who had struggled working with developers in the past– developers who were unresponsive, didn’t notice the details, and didn’t listen to what the client was asking for.  

Formosa Web was born from a desire to solve this common problem. Our team is responsive, understanding, and listens

We are WordPress Developers in Boulder, Colorado, but our clients are spread out across the country. Whether you are local or faraway, we’d love to work with you.

Owner & Lead Developer

Tessa Bradford

Tessa is a world traveler and former teacher who uses her experiences for unique problem-solving, creativity and lots of open communication. 

She is highly self-motivated, passionately curious about new ideas, and a little bit obsessive when she gets started on a really great project. She would love for her next great project to be helping you design the perfect webpage for your online presence! 

Her time as a global traveler has taken her from Colombia to Ireland to Taiwan, and just about everywhere in between. It’s given her opportunities to learn about ideas and designs from across the world and to think outside-the-box for creative solutions. It’s her passion to share that knowledge so together you can make your project unique.

Design & Development

Michael Olmsted

Mike is a wondering soul who has lived many lives – from sailing around the world, to living in a van while touring with an indie band, to sipping tea in the Himalayas. He believes that every life experience or learning opportunity is something he can bring to every other area of life, including how he builds websites.

Having gone to art school and worked in advertising before getting into web development, he has a unique mix of creativity and technical skills which can bring novel solutions to problems that stump some developers.

Facing new challenges and finding ways around them is what excites him about his work, and he looks forward to helping you find the solutions you’re looking for for your web project.

Mike Olmsted

Where Does the Name Come From?

“Formosa” is another name for Taiwan, and it means “the beautiful island.”
Tessa spent years living in Taiwan and learned web development during her time there. When it came time to give the company a name, it was the natural choice.

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